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Actually Ashley's

Handspun Yarn - Skeinly: "Love Skein" by Actually Ashley's

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There is something magical about handspun yarn and I’m delighted to share that magic with you. I carefully source and spin these hand-dyed fine wools on a traditional Ashford spinning wheel. Each skein goes through a seven step, hourlong process before the yarn makes its way to you (including a final Eucalan wool wash). The result is an incredibly soft and lofty hank with surprising, evocative color shifts.


1 x Handspun, Handdyed Worsted Fine Wool Yarn “Love Skein” (Shelter Island, USA - Skeinly) ~ 50 yards / 1 ounce

Care Instructions:

Love Skein is made from carefully handled, fine-wool fibers. This wool has been hand-dyed for delicate, vivid color. Please note that these yarns have <b>not</b> been treated for washability, so hand wash unless your intention is to make felt. Swatch and wash for confidence in your creative process.