About Me

Hi! My name is Ashley.

I love making things. I love knowing things. I love sharing knowledge and helping people turn their ideas into reality.

I teach adults and children interesting, useful skills. I help people play with color, texture, and shape. I make space for experimentation. I provide all the tools and supplies you need to have fun with friends and family and do the things you’ve always been curious about.

I learned to crochet as a child, picked it back up in college, and then fell in love with knitting my first winter in Chicago, when I decided I just had to make my own hat. Quickly I learned to spin my own yarn, reclaim cashmere from sweaters, turn greasy fleece from a sheep into anything I could imagine, tapestry weave, design all sorts of things, dye textiles and fiber, wet felt, needle felt, and execute all sorts of fancy knitting techniques. I would knit socks two-at-a-time under the table during board meetings and work on simple shawls while I gave technology demonstrations. I came to the East Coast to be closer to family and fell in love with my forever person and the East End. No more board meetings... lots more making of things.