Let's Create


Two sticks and string. Unlimited possibilities. I can teach you the basics, help you improve your skills, or design that project that’s been in the back of your head for a year. Knitting 101, Lace Knitting 101, Color Knitting 101 and Custom Sessions are offered. I’d love you to tell me what you would like to learn.


Truly an art and a science. Color is fun for all ages. I dye textiles, yarn, and fiber with a range of dye stuffs and techniques. Do you want a tie dye party without the set up or clean up? Do you want to dye yarn for your next project without figuring out all the supplies you need? Do you want to play with color with an experienced guide? Tie Dyeing 101 and Wool Dyeing 101 workshops are available.


Hooking never goes out of style. Make a market bag, blanket, pillow, wash cloth - sturdy items that can withstand years of love and use. You still have that afghan, don’t you? Make one for the next generation to curl up with for a bedtime story.


From spindles to spinning wheels, sliver to shetland, I love everything about spinning and making yarn. A meditative practice with incredible variability. Some days I work with the softest fiber, hand dyed by the best artisans in the business. Other days I prepare fleece straight from the shepherd, newly sheared from a sheep with a name I know. Spinning is a great introduction to color theory, yarn construction and how it impacts textiles, a window into the shape of human history. It can be as simple or as heady as you like.

Wet Felting

Matting, pressing, and condensing fibers together opens up a world of possibility. Wool possesses so many interesting properties and the ability to felt is particularly special. There is an immediacy with wet felting; the ability to feel the fibers come together into a resilient mass. Workshops available include Cobweb Shawls, Decorative Vessels, Felting Your Knitting, and Painting with Wool.